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Biblia Chora White 75cl(Out Of Stock)

  • Product Category/Subcategory
    Wine, New Arrivals, Greece Wine

    Brand : Biblia Chora

    € 14.99

    Type: Sauvignon Blanc, Assyrtiko Description: The result of marrying the cosmopolitan and aromatic Sauvignon Blanc varietal with our own expansive Assyrtiko. The juice from the grapes undergoes pre-fermentation maceration for a few hours and is then placed in stainless steel vats to ferment at low temperatures. It has a pale green-yellow colour with stark clarity. Its impressive nose is a bundle of aromas that highlight the character of the varietal. Intense aromas of tropical fruit and grapefruit alternate with notes of lemony citrus to stimulate the senses. It has a rich, full-bodied and balanced flavour, with exceptional structure, refreshing acidity and big aromatic finish. Served at 10°C, and consumed preferably within 2 years. Food pairing: fried or grilled fish, seafood platters, green salads with fresh or dried fruit, grilled vegetables and white cheese platters.


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